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Default Re: The Movie-Makers Draft - Sign-up and Draft

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
U guys suck for starting this so fast, or perhaps it's been up but seems rushed IMO... I woulda def been ready to roll with this draft cuz unlike comics, I'm a film geek

Not sure what you mean by rushed. You think the concept is raw or the draft started too quick? Because the OP was up for 31 hours before anyone actually signed up.

I'll put you down as a replacement if anyone misses two picks in a row. I don't want to go with more than 8 players, with 12 rounds it'll take way too long.

Also, for the players: Doing a good job with the pictures, but a brief accompanying summary would be great. Even if it's just a couple lines of your opinion or a copy and paste from wiki.

Fatal9, i've got you down as a judge. Gonna check through the "rate the last movie thread" and see who the movie-buffs around here are.

Kobe8's got about 45 mins. Then LittleMoney45 is up.

1st Round's gone different to how I expected. I expected Pacino and Hitchcock but not Day-Lewis and Hopkins (Who are both terrific actors, don't get me wrong), I guess drafting with your script in mind doesn't lend to just straight-up best talent available.

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