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Default Rockets pursuing Carmelo

Houston, meanwhile, is prepared to offer a package centered on the shooting guard Kevin Martin and the Knicks’ draft picks, according to an N.B.A. executive who has had discussions with the Nuggets. That executive, who does not work for the Knicks, said Anthony would prefer to go to New York, suggesting he might refuse to sign an extension with other teams. But the executive also said the Nets could be intriguing to Anthony because they are headed to Brooklyn

And in a twist that will make the Knicks and their fans even more frustrated, the Houston Rockets are one of the teams aggressively pursuing Anthony. The Rockets are doing it in part by offering at least one of the draft picks they acquired from the Knicks last February when, in a three- way trade that also involved the Sacramento Kings, the Knicks cleared Jared Jeffries’s salary off this year’s payroll and landed Tracy McGrady’s expiring contract. The Rockets obtained the right to swap first-round picks with the Knicks in 2011 in the deal, which allows them to offer whichever pick is better to the Nuggets.

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