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Originally Posted by hotsizzle
this is a great topic. IMO, its the perfect example to what many player face today. lets take kobe for example. looking at MJ in the late 80s, you can say that he was the most skilled and most talented in the NBA but you couldnt say hes the best just yet (well, some will say hes the best, but that wont be the overall consensus). same scenario is happening today with kobe, although his stats dont even compare to MJs, kobe appears to be the most talented/skilled today but until he transforms that into rings, most people wont consider him the best.

MJ started involving more of his teamates in the 90s. sure his stats went down, but thats because his teamates were doing more.

jordan in the 90s was better. he was still unstoppable and at the same time involved his teamates and won chips

This is largely true, but Jordan was generally considered the best player in the NBA from '88 onwards. '89 if we're stretching it. Hell, I have games on tape from the '90-'91 season/postseason where the commentators say that he's "the best player to ever play the game"-- and this was before he had won even a single ring. And he was playing amongst legends and giants. I'm not saying that I agree that he was the best ever at that point in his career (i.e., before he won titles, or even after he won his first one), but it's crazy that people were even saying things like that. That's how good Jordan was.

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