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Originally Posted by Bulls_Fan20
Don't forget what he has been doing recently. He had no effect against Wisconsin, and had 5 pts 6 rebs yesterday against NORTHWESTERN. Yeah, he dominated against Valpo, Cleveland St, Cincy, and Iowa St, but he hasn't been able to do much against the better teams. He only had 7 and 6 against Florida, and has been in foul trouble on many occasions.

Best case: Tim Duncan
Worst case: Tyson Chandler

I guess I should of checked my stats, huh? the last game i saw him play was the game where he dominated a ranked Tennessee team. you gotta remember that Northwestern slows the tempo down horribly (like houston only worse). that's the only what NW can hang with teams in the big ten. they minimize the amount of possessions because they don't have the talent to run and gun.
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