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Originally Posted by God of BasketBall
He's doubled. What are you talkin 1 on 1? He hardly even gets the damn ball in those situatons. OSU is a 3pt shooting team. They are the equivalent to the Milw Bucks when Ray, Sam, and Glenn were on the team. The use of a Center downlow getting touches and attempts isnt in thier gameplan. That team jacks up 3's. Lives and die by it and uses Greg as a decoy and are dependant on him cleaning the glass and blocking shots which he does well.

Is this how they will be all season? Or is it because of Oden's hand? You keep harping on his low post game and ignoring the damn variables. How many shots did Oden get last night? Or are you gonna blame him for not commanding the ball? Come on bruh, atleast have a friggin clue to the style of play in OSU and how Oden is used. He is not the focal point of the offense.

Against Northwesterm he scored 5 points. He got one dunk, and one free throw. Your going to tell me Oden couldnt get he points off the glass. HE is susposed to be a great rebounder and northwestern isnt good.

Maybe he isnt the focal point of the offense because he cant score on the block, no one has ever in his career seen him score on the block, why give him the benefit of the doubt???
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