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Originally Posted by Younggrease
It was the skinny white guy, i dont remember names and cite television shows.

why do you believe he can score despite all these excuses you are making for him... why isnt he grabbing rebounds like Durant(who is currently better)????

If you think Durant is a better rebounder you're trippin. Durant avg 4 more minutes than Greg Oden. Until recently Durant has stringed along double digit rebounding games. Early on he wasnt. Single digits 2 games, double digit one, single digit, double digit two games etc. He's played more games than Oden. 6 more. And Oden has a cast on his shooting hand. Greg gets the ball down low he is swarmed. Kevin doesnt get doubled, swarmed as much as Greg.

Durant is a better college player right now. No one is nor should be saying otherwise. When Oden gets his cast off then we shall see. You try shooting with your off hand after you were used to the other hand all your life. Truth be told Greg Oden wasnt due to return to mid January. But he decided to come back and just wear the hand cast just to be out on the court and help.

Doug Gottlieb? Is this the guy?

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