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Originally Posted by hwliuLAP
wasn't there a report on one of the OSU senior was very disappointed about the loss to UF
and Oden was one of the reason

The guy can dominate, but he isn't right now,
I just think it's crap that people just talk about how good he will be
while others are playing better already
and takes credit away from other players

vs Florida he got 6 touches, was in foul trouble while OSU shot 7-23 from 3pt. If anyone wants to be mad at Oden they need to look at who was guarding Humphrtey and most notable Taureen Green who KILLED OSU. Odens job isnt to guard Green nor is it to defender the perimeter. Who fault was that? Who guarded Cory friggin Brewer? Thats not Odens man. Oden was responsible for Horford and Noah both whom did a good defensve job on Oden.

But hey I'm just making excuses for a guy entering his 5th game as a freshman for not dominating Florida on the road. Sorry.

What senior said it...not many on OSU. It starts 3 freshman (including Oden). Ron Lewis is a senior. Guard. Go figure.
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