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Default OT: Who's on your ignore list?

I have no one on my my ignore list but Mariodeathgrip and glove_20 have been the closest to making it.

Post who is on your ignore list and I will keep a tally count to see who can claim the title of "ISH's Most Ignored Member"!

Feel free to post why a poster made it to your ignore list and tips for how that poster can improve.

HaNdLe ThE RoCk (2)- Qwyjibo, MetsPackers

Glove_20 (2)- Ridonks, KBlaze

"crazy mavs guy(Fab something)" (1)- KBlaze

LakerRaider (1)- SydneyKing

SecondFiddle (1)- SydneyKing

Hawkfan (1)- SydneyKing

Shogun (1)- Bourne

AAP (2)- Bourne, TMacsOneGoodEye

knoe (1)- Bourne

StarJordan (1)- Vert48

Insidehoops (1)- bigkingsfan

statman32 (1)- Howard5Dirk41

tmacsonegoodeye (1)- Howard5Dirk41

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