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Default Re: How to recover from bad games

Originally Posted by carpevicis
Never let a bad game bother you. If you dwell on the negatives, you'll tie yourself down when you should be preparing for your next game. Did you guys win? If not, then think about what went wrong. Whenever I play poorly, I spend at most 30 minutes thinking about what I could have done better, what I should have done. Then that's it, I don't think about it again, because what happened can't be changed.

Here's a quote for you: "Every setback is a setup for a comeback"

nice quote, we lost our last game by 4 pts and we had a terrible game, but we won our last 2 so we are 2-1. Yea and I find it SO hard to not think about it again because it always comes into my head like "I wonder if coach now thinks im not good enough" "how did I play so bad" "will I still be starting "I cant have another bad game if I want to be a real good player on the team"

just random thoughts like that go in my head and even follow into the next day.
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