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Default Whose gonna be the biggest bust?

There are a couple of players in this draft that I think are going to be busts. Firstly, Bargnani. I have never seen this guy play but, frankly, I think the only way for a white guy to be good in this league, at this point in the games evolution, is to be a sharpshooter coming off the bench, or to be Steve Nash. In my opinion even Dirk isn't that great, as he collects so many points off of unfounded foul calls. So, with that said, that means Adam Morrison too. I think the great white hope my turn out to be the great white dope. He is not strong enough nor quick enough to be effective against these small forwards in this league. I can see him drawing lots of technicals due to the frustration of not being able to get off shots on these guys. Remember, he is overly emotional.

Next, don't worry, I'm gonna hate on people of all races, are any big man from overseas. Let's face it, these guys suck. The last big man from overseas that did anything was Vlade Divac. And he really wasn't that great. By the way, this includes the two big men from Senegal, as well. I can't wait to see the next Desagana Diop in the league.

Lastly, the black boys that are gonna fail. Tyrus Thomas, Randy Foye, and Hilton Armstrong. I see a lot of the rest of the projected first rounders as at least being solid contributors to the their teams, whereas these guys will all fall far short of their expectations.
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