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Default Re: Damn, this forum is dead!

Originally Posted by boozehound
nah, its not just the offseason. now, this forum was never really all that busy, even in the contender days, but there has been a noticeable decline in poster activity following the billups trade and subsequent sucky seasons.

and, props to you, dd24 (and the couple of others who do post in here on the reg) for keeping it going. but, most of the pistons fans on this board dont even come in here.

Well there has been me, DD24 and a few others around this summer. Where were you?

People's reaction to the Billups trade is annoying. I'd have rather traded Rip, but I didn't want to pay Billups for 3 more years, we needed a change, we needed cap space, we needed youth and we needed to see what Stuckey could do at the point. Everyone wanted to flip out because he wasn't Steve Nash overnight. Chill the F out already. Notice nowhere did I say anything about Iverson, he was not the reason for anything.
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