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Default Re: How to recover from bad games

Originally Posted by carpevicis
I want to join a league, but there's none around me. I'm not looking for an AAU team yet but just a weekend league where I can get into the flow of an officiated games... it's too bad cause with the weather and limited courts no one runs any around here.

Here's a tip to scoring more: go to the line. When I play a game with refs, if I have the green light to be more ball dominant I'll always look to attack the basket. A couple years back I had to carry my team (which was complete trash) and all I did was drive. I made a couple other players foul out and took like 18 or so free throws, no exaggeration.

yea I think I should drive more the thing is during the summer league I used to drive to the basket with ease because most of the time I was quicker faster and sometimes stronger than my defender, the thing is finishing in a crowded lane. I have to use the midrange/pullup game more. I really want to get into the scoring flow so that by the time the season comes I will be known to be able to score/defend and create.
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