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Default Re: How to recover from bad games

Originally Posted by MannyO
yea I think I should drive more the thing is during the summer league I used to drive to the basket with ease because most of the time I was quicker faster and sometimes stronger than my defender, the thing is finishing in a crowded lane. I have to use the midrange/pullup game more. I really want to get into the scoring flow so that by the time the season comes I will be known to be able to score/defend and create.

It drives me crazy when I try and drive and my teammates don't move out of the lane. I end up having 3 obstacles and no shot or pass because my teammate is pretty much right next to me

And that's always what happens with pickup. People never shift out of the lane. So I stopped driving pretty much all together, in pickup games I'm pretty much always a shooter. And I'm not bad at shooting at all, even though in workouts my percentages aren't great, in games I keep a very high percentage.

I have to work on the pull up. I'm shorter so I need more space so I drive faster, and it takes alot of effort for me to balance and rise evenly. For the most part I either drive completely or spot up.
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