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Default Re: How to recover from bad games

Originally Posted by carpevicis
It drives me crazy when I try and drive and my teammates don't move out of the lane. I end up having 3 obstacles and no shot or pass because my teammate is pretty much right next to me

And that's always what happens with pickup. People never shift out of the lane. So I stopped driving pretty much all together, in pickup games I'm pretty much always a shooter. And I'm not bad at shooting at all, even though in workouts my percentages aren't great, in games I keep a very high percentage.

I have to work on the pull up. I'm shorter so I need more space so I drive faster, and it takes alot of effort for me to balance and rise evenly. For the most part I either drive completely or spot up.

yea I hate that when people don't move. The thing that also kills is when you have a few people on the team that want to do things they cannot do. Like we have some kid on the team that is mostly a shooter he is slow as hell yet he wants to try and drive to the basket. Whenever you give him the ball it almost never comes back to you. I had a few nice drives to the lane and instead of scoring I made a nice dish, but thats because I was point. We already have a really good PG so I won't really need to worry about that. My focus is to be a guy that can score maybe like 15-20 somewhere in that range but also I want to be a shutdown defender. Today we really shut the other team down they probably had more turnovers than they had points.
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