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Default Re: How to recover from bad games

Originally Posted by MannyO
yea I hate that when people don't move. The thing that also kills is when you have a few people on the team that want to do things they cannot do. Like we have some kid on the team that is mostly a shooter he is slow as hell yet he wants to try and drive to the basket. Whenever you give him the ball it almost never comes back to you. I had a few nice drives to the lane and instead of scoring I made a nice dish, but thats because I was point. We already have a really good PG so I won't really need to worry about that. My focus is to be a guy that can score maybe like 15-20 somewhere in that range but also I want to be a shutdown defender. Today we really shut the other team down they probably had more turnovers than they had points.

Yeah, I know I can do alot of things but usually other people can do them better, so I play off the ball and take what the D gives me. I'm not a good enough ball handler to bring the ball up, so I let the varsity PG do that. I'm not a good enough shooter to gun it every time, so I don't shoot too much. For the most part, I'm basically and off-ball point guard.

I'm working on creation skills because normally what happens is the guy bringing the ball up is a better scorer and I'm a more willing passer so I'm the PG who doesn't bring the ball up.

I'm a good defender though, if it weren't for my size I'd be much better. I'm not heavy enough so it's a liability in the post but I'm good at making reads and not biting on fakes/gambling on steals.
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