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Originally Posted by DreamRockets
wade had similar rebounding and assists numbers, shot better and only had like 2 or 3 less ppg, you arent gonna hand mvp to someone in a 50 wins eastern team if other players are leading their teams to 60+ wins in the west, if ANYONE was robbed last year that was dirk, not lebron and certainly not kobe.
The point is, the Cavs would be miserable without LeBron. They might be the worst team in the league if you took him off. That makes 50 wins look a lot better.

Phoenix would still be a pretty good team with Barbosa running point. Miami has a lot of other talent besides DWade (Haslem, Posey, JWill... SHAQ). The same with Dallas... Dirk has a lot of help.

LBJ has Eric Snow running point... 'nuff said.
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