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I'm not sure about Jerebko at SF. I like his game defensively. Offensively I just don't know if he can do it. I think Dujuan Summers is a guy who really needs to step up. He's a person who when watching summer league ball is clearly one of the best players on the court and is a go to player. He can really dominate. I'm not saying that necessarily means he'll be a great in the league, but you would think some of it could translate. Of course, he hasn't had much of an opportunity in the league yet either.

The weird thing about this season to me is I'm actually thinking a few of these guys would like to be traded. There's nobody in the league who wants to sit on the bench as a 3rd string guy. I don't know if anybody got on the live chat during the Pistons media day but I asked BG and Will Bynum if they would rather be 6th man of the year or just a regular starter for the team. Bynum said no doubt he would rather start and wants to be out there every minute. BG was a little more hesitant but took the politically correct route and just said he didn't mind as long as he was out there will Bynum (because they were both answering questions together). I think this team has the makings to be too deep and some of these players will want to go elsewhere. I can't really blame them either. If they don't get a chance they need to go somewhere to get a chance. It would be a shame to see all this young talent we've accumulated walk, especially when I think all of us know that while this team will be much better than what people are giving them credit for, they are still mediocre. So I guess in a way I do agree with boozehound. I'm all for seeing how this thing works out and I don't want to see a trade for nothing, but there's still some of the young guys who I want to know what they are capable of (finally....).
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