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Tyrus Thomas. There is no way that this dude will crack 10 points per game in the pros. He has no jump shot and will never fufill his potential. He is a little overhyped too if you ask me.

Patrick O'Bryant. He plays in the Missouri Valley Conference at 7' and still can't dominate. He has a long way to go and I don't think he will have good enough coaching to fufill his potential.

LaMarcus Aldridge. He is soft and can't rebound. He is overrated and doesn't have enough game to fufill his expectations.

Thabo Sefolsha. He is supposivly going to play small foward in the NBA and doesn't have enough athleticism to hang with them. He also doesn't have the J to play shooting guard.

Jordan Farmar. His career points per game average will be under 6. I watched him at the Orlando camp and he looked average to below average compared to all the other late second round picks to undrafted free agents. He doesn't have the game now and thinks he is better than he is.

Joel Freeland. Anyone who expects him to be "the sleeper of the draft" is wrong. He will make a fine 9th or 10th man but will have trouble translating to our game in the USA.
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