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Default Re: How to recover from bad games

Originally Posted by MannyO
thats basically what I am too a off ball PG. I am trying to just learn how to score off the ball. Mostly I really do damage when I have the ball in my hands but I have to learn to play alongside a good PG

Same - but this shows we're pretty versatile I'd say. I mean it provides better options for a team if a player can play both the 1 and the 2, so in the end you get more time because of the amount of positions you can play.

I think that's something I do well: I can run the point well, but I can also play off the ball well. So there's never an issue if another player wants to bring it up or if I need to facilitate. I do need to work on creation though, for the most part, I either give the ball to the best scorer or I drive then kick out. I can't seem to make plays where my teammate is close to the basket (bad movement?), almost all my assists are open jump shots.
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