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Originally Posted by Perezident
i accepted that like a month ago that december schedule really...we arent going any where today is the 19th..... and still no moves idk what the phuck!!!! is our problem...we wont make one single ass move hmmmm and its pissing me off!!! wow not one move!!!

question.....can deal occur over the weekend???

I think Petrie is waiting until the deadline gets a bit closer and see if some of our guys start playing better because that would raise their trade value. Also I think he wants to rebuild but the rumor I heard is that the Maloofs are waiting to see if this team can string a winning streak together or if they can't get that "oh so precious 8th seed". So if this team loses many more games in the next 2 weeks I think we'll have the moves we want, just hope Bibby/Miller/Artest play well to raise their trade value. BTW trades can't happen on weekend, but if this team can lose @Boston and @Detroit that may be the straw that breaks the Maloof's backs.
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