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Originally Posted by boozehound
Im around. I bet I have 1 post in each thread longer than 5 posts.

Regardless, Im looking forward to this season. This team will be better than the pundits realize. Only issue is size, and with wallace and maxiell, Im not too worried. Im still not sold on CV, but I love JJ's hustle and determination. Who knows what monroe will really bring? Last lotto pick we had didnt amount to much. I kinda wish we still had afflalo, but the guard position is stacked.

Prince, Im kinda not sure about anymore. great complimentary player, but why are we paying a comp player that salary if he cant extend his game? Great intangible player, but I kinda wanna see what daye and JJ can do at the 3.

As for hamilton? The extension was stupid, that was clear. can you imagine this team as billups-stuckey-afflalo-bynum? forget BG or AI or Tmac, that 4some is about as solid and versatile a guard lineup you can get.

that being said, no sense trading him (hamilton) for a pu-pu platter. Might as well let the season develop and have some teams get desperate (hopefully not us!).

I still think stuck can be a 1. hes better as a d-wadish ball dominant 2 guard though.

I always thought we should have tried a Billups/Stuckey backcourt before a trade was done. Those teams were damn good, but lacked an impact slasher type who could create offense at the rim. He could have helped guys like Billups,Sheed,Prince and even Rip get a lot more spacing to work with. We asked Rip to come off the bench that year anyways, so why didn't we ask him before dealing his best friend away? I think if he had stuck with it he'd have been a Ginobili type bench player. Throw Bynum in and you said it, as versatile and talented of a backcourt as you could ask for. Don't extend Rip and just let him walk after last year, move foward with Bynum and Afflalo. We'd still have cap space and maybe we'd have gotten one of the bigs like Boozer or Amare with a team like that.
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