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Default Anyone else upset?

I like Melo. I'd like for him to stay. That being said I think Denver's making a big mistake

-Denver flames out in the playoffs .. he's gone
- Denver doesn't have good playoff position you know the front office is going to deal Melo at the deadline. We basically add how many more wins? What's the point? For half a season? I'd rather start losing now to get higher picks instead of basically putting things on pause for a year.

Denver has to many health concerns to roll the dice. Nene\K-Mart\Birdman can go down anytime for any length and would anybody really be surprised? If that happens we've basically lost Melo. Throw in K-Mart's recent comments and J.R and things look more bleak. George Karl's health always going to be a cause for concern and we seen what happened last time without him.

This team isn't winning a championship. If we get the perfect storm than were looking at what? WCF at best?. I'm not even sure if that would make Melo stay considering this current Denver team.

I think the best thing to do is just do the move. Make a move and try to get the best deal out there. Favors + picks? Just roll with it. Start the process and get on with it.

Just curious to see others opinions on when to pull the trigger and if we should roll the dice or not.
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