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Default Re: Anyone else upset?

Originally Posted by el gringos
Yeah dissapointed- dissapointed that the team has never been built around carmelo, dissapointed that the owner went cheap on us after promising to pay for a winner, and most of all dissapointed that they are ruining the next dynasty for g karls ego and win total
You are an idiot if you want carmelo traded for peanuts (favors + picks) and if you can't see that the franchise is a joke that could never sign or keep players again if you give away carmelo without getting real nba talen- what do you do with capspace if you are a joke? You sign more kenyon martins and then we are worse off than if carmelo chooses to leave- the ownership has been terrible and haven't surrounded carmelo and built the team around him, but they have to play hardball now and make him choose to leave or make a team trade a real trade package to get him

Your an idiot. You get laughed off the NBA forum because you believe that the Nuggets can get some crazy package for Melo witch isn't true.

Favors + picks doesn't = Melo's value but it's the best option we've got and it's better than losing Melo for nothing in free agency. NJ wouldn't give up Lopez. Bulls wouldn't give up Noah. a 19 year old 3rd overall pick + future picks is better than nothing period.
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