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Default A new season is upon us


There's a some scrimmage highlights up in the video section of from the last few days. I've only watched the first one so this is just some quick cursory stuff to get a thread going.

Here's the schedule;

@ Memphis, 10/6, 8:00, no tv
vs Orlando, 10/8, 7:00, FSN
@ Houston, 10/9, 7:00, NBATV (with a half hour Pacers preview thingy before the game)
vs Minnesota, 10/13, 7:00, no tv
vs New Orleans, 10/15, 7:00, FSN
@ Minnesota, 10/19, 8:00, no tv (Lance Stephenson's court date)
@ Chicago, 10/22, 8:00, no local tv but maybe WGN?

Hansbrough is NOT taking part in 5 on 5 scrimmages, only 4 on 4. Your guess is good as mine on the reasoning there. I guess just working him back into game shape ever so slowly and less guys on the floor means less chance of contact.

Ford and Solo sat out with some sore legs yesterday I believe, day to day, no biggy.

A nice soft and fluffy Pacers Crate video up with Boyle/Conrad/Denari about how great the chemistry is. Neat, let's see if it leads to wins and if not if it's still all copacetic come January.

Stephenson is an atrociously bad defender. There's not a chance in hell he can guard a point guard.

JOB was asked who the starting 5 would be a few days ago and he said DC/Dunleavy/Danny/McBob/Hibbert if the season were to start immediately. Who knows if that's changed. It does look like McBob's starting spot to lose at this point though with Hans still working his way back, I can dig that. Who's to say what happens at the 2 after Rush's suspension, if Dun's knee's back to 100% Rush may be a permanent sub. If George plays consistent offense with limited mistakes (which is a lot to ask for) I think he'll earn the starting spot within 25 games or so thanks to his activity on defense.

Anyways, another year begins full of hope. Let's make it last awhile this time, eh guys?
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