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Default Re: Little room for Austin Daye at SG, SF

Originally Posted by dd24
I think someone will get injured at some point and that will clear up some playing time for some of the people who might be lower on the totem pole. I also think as we get closer to the trade deadline there might actually be some movement on this roster.

Yah, that's the idea. I could see almost anyone getting dealt. Gordon if someone really wants him, but he's least likely. Rip would certainly be dealt, Prince is a valuable expiring(most valuable in league?),Mcgrady could be hurt by then but we don't have bird rights on a one year min deal, so if he performs he could be dealt for value.

For what it's worth, I think Charlie V's going to have a huge season. I think he's a poor man's version of a Bosh/Sheed combination. I am also excited to see Monroe get passes to Rip and gordon off screens. Our bigs aren't near as bad as people think.
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