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Default Re: JJ done for 5 months?

I just read this. I didn't see the game last night, so it caught me completely off guard that Jerebko tore his achilles and Terrico White broke his foot.

How long did it take Elton Brand to come back? Wasn't it like damn near a year? However I think Kalin Lucas is healthy, and his injury was about six months ago. I just tried to find confirmation on that and I can't seem to find anything right now, but I swear someone told me he was healthy.

Edit: Where was he going to get the majority of his minutes this year anyways? I assumed he'd swing between SF/PF, but after thinking about it, how the **** is half the roster gonna get minutes? I imagine that Tayshaun, Daye, and T-Mac get the minutes at SF, and then PF is Charlie, Monroe, and Maxiell? And Diogu if he makes the team?

PG is obviously Stuckey and Bynum
SG you need minutes for Rip and Ben, and possibly some for T-Mac and Daye as well.
SF is Tayshaun, T-Mac probably gets most of his minutes here, and Daye also. And likely some Rip here too.
PF is Charlie, Jerebko, Monroe, Maxiell, perhaps Diogu? None of those players are really centers either. And Tayshaun will likely get a few minutes here when Gordon and Rip are both out there.
C is Ben and Chris Wilcox?

This team is very confusing. This has the potential to be worse than the Stuckey/AI/Rip thing.

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