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Originally Posted by TEXAS BATMAN
I don't understand why everybody's so ready to burn Schottenheimer at the stake. The Merriman scandal had absolutely zero impact on his team, there were no locker room distractions, he has the team dancing to the beat of his drum, and he was NOT outcoached in the 2nd round. He actually did a great job. His team just improbably lost that game. He's the guy who brought Rivers along slowly even when fans were calling for Brees' head. And when he did insert Rivers there was a smooth transition.

Where's the blood? I see no lasting wounds on this team. They lost against a very battle tested team. They'll learn from it. Welcome back Marty Mar

His reputation as a postseason coach. Good-Great regular season, and lousy postseason. 14-2 and lost at home after coming off a bye. I can see WHY Marty critics want to burn him. But the thing i cant agree on with them is when to burn him. Just not now.

Marty is like 5-13, 5-14 in the postseason. 2nd worst playoff record for a coach.
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