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i'll give credit where its due:

#1 Channing Frye was lights out tonight. I know he struggled earlier on, but he is gaining confidence again.

#2 David Lee is scrappy, energetic, and tenacious. reminds me of a more athletic Kurt Thomas.

#3 Marbury finally got into his own and began to play hard.

#4 The Knicks could have folded in teh end, but decided to take it to the Nets and show some willingness to win.

#5 Knicks finally have ball movement. in year's past, they would just stand there and not do anything. now they actually move without the ball and swing it around for the open man.

that's about it. there were a lot of bad points as well, but no need to discuss them. those things Isiah knows about and he will tell his team about.
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