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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

I don't get why everyone thinks Revis needs revenge.It's not like he got embarassed.He got beat on one play and it was mainly cuz he pulled his hamstring.Granted it was an excellent catch but if anything Moss evened the score because Revis shut him down (twice actually) last year.Besides,Moss only had 1 other catch and we won the game this year.

In related news,I think Belichick and staff will finally suffer for being so cocky.They have this "we can win wih Joe from accounting" attitude but that worked when they had a stellar defense.Im not sure you can win with their team now.Im no Moss fan but no 3rd round pick is gonna bring in a Randy Moss type receiver.Besides that,while Tom Brady is a sure HOFer,he's not Peyton Manning.Stats and rings can be deceivin.The Patriot dynasty became so because their D was dominant and their offense was good enough.When they began to lose guys like Seymour,Samules,Vrabel,Bruschi, more rings!!!PPL's love affair with Tom Brady conveniently allows them to forget that.
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