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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

Originally Posted by franchize
I don't get why everyone thinks Revis needs revenge.It's not like he got embarassed.He got beat on one play and it was mainly cuz he pulled his hamstring.Granted it was an excellent catch but if anything Moss evened the score because Revis shut him down (twice actually) last year.Besides,Moss only had 1 other catch and we won the game this year.

Revis marked the next game vs. Randy Moss on his calender, the date just came sooner than expected. He told that in a locker room interview this week. I think he doesn't accept the fact that he got beat.

I agree he didn't get embarassed, people say that really easy. Oh, he got off Revis Island. Revis isn't the best cornerback in the League, and so on. He wasn't 100%, we know that but it was a mistake he made early in the play that created the room for Randy. He allowed him to get the inside track and sprint right by him, knowing that Randy Moss easily outruns him when he's not 100%. It was just a spectacular catch but overall Revis has had the upper hand in their matchups. I really hope Revis will completely shut Moss down, hopefully with some Interceptions.
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