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Default Re: I just bought a Corvette.

Originally Posted by johndeeregreen
This isn't a 2011 Silverado diesel, it's a 2000 Corvette. You don't need to be in oil and gas to afford it.

There's a multitude of reasons why I bought it now. Primarily, my expenses will never be lower. I don't have a mortgage, I don't have a family, I don't have another debt/payment in the world outside of living expenses (rent, insurance, phone, etc.) By the time I'm done paying for this car I'll be 25. I've wanted one since I was about 5 years old, and try squeezing it into the budget when you have a mortgage, a family, and kids.
That thing is sweet, and great for a young bachelor. Only potential issue I see is wintertime if you live up North, I had a friend with a hatch-back jeep that owned a whole other car for the bad weather.
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