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Default Re: Who is the most talented RB of all time?

Originally Posted by RUCKER
Barry Sanders played in an era where the defenses were flatout WEAK.. Much slower, and a WHOLE LOT less physical. Barry Sanders would've never been able to pull this kind of sh*t against today's NFL defenses and players.

Barry Sanders only looked that good because of how garbage the defenses were that he played against.

Look how sick Reggie Bush looked in College, he got to the NFL and got his weak run game SHUT DOWN. The NFL defensive pro's in Barry Sanders era, are equivalent to College defensive players of today, at best. Most NFL pro's in Barry's era would've struggled to even make the starting defense on most top 10 college teams. So if Barry Sanders is the greatest running back of all time, then so is Reggie Bush. Except Reggie is actually playing against players that KNOW how to tackle.

When Barry Sanders can run like that against the 2010 Baltimore Ravens defense, then come talk to me. Until then, STFU with this Barry Sanders is the GOAT BS. It's like Kimbo beating up a bunch of bums in the streets and you nerds coming on here and saying Kimbo is the best fighter on the planet.

After being around here for a while, it's really tough to post a reply so stupid that it gets my attention.

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