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Originally Posted by $ci
Whoever says Amare, does not know the NBA. Kemp in his prime dominated almost everyone, and he had no flaws in his game. He had the 17 footer, quick first step, and threw down dunks that were more ferocious than Amares.

That's a bold statement. Amare in his 3rd year out of HS averaged 26 points, Kemp in his prime averaged 18-20 points. How is that dominating? Amare throws down ferocious dunks that no one else in the NBA can touch right now. His first step is ridiculous and his 17 footer is extremely underrated.

$ci, just how old are you? I'm 19 and I can only remember a little bit of Kemp. His best year was 1995-1996 and he began to fall off shortly after. Judging by your writting you can't be that much older then 19, so I definately question your judgement.
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