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Originally Posted by $ci
Whoever says Amare, does not know the NBA. Kemp in his prime dominated almost everyone, and he had no flaws in his game. He had the 17 footer, quick first step, and threw down dunks that were more ferocious than Amares.

Amare has a 15 foot jumper that is just as good as Kemp's was, a just as quick, if not quicker, first step, draws more fouls then Kemp, scored more then Kemp ever did, shot a higher percentage then Kemp ever did, and in terms of "ferocious dunkage", well I don't really think that's an offensive category.

I love how people hide behind the vague "if someone says such and such they just don't know the NBA."

Everything you just said about Kemp applies to Amare except Amare had an even more agressive offensive mentality and played with Steve Nash as opposed to Gary Payton. And oh yeah, Amare was in his 3rd year out of high school, Kemp peaked during his 4th-10th years, after coming out of College.
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