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Question Will Marbury's injury sink the Knicks again?

Hi folks! I have been too busy for a while to post here, but I thought that I would say hello and post this question. Thanks to those who have been PM'ing me. And yes I am still fine.

If you saw tonight's game against Indy, you saw that Stephon was playing very hurt and holding on as long as he could. His detirmined play proved enough for the knicks to coast to a win - even if it was with some difficulty.

For the past few weeks, Marbury has been playing the best ball of his career -- at both ends of the court.

If you recall, last year when he got injured after the six-game win streak, his injury put the finishing touch on the Knick's season.

A lot is different this year - but a lot is similar.

The Knicks have 3 more wins than at this time last year. Not much of a difference.

Curry is playing much better -- but he is only averaging a few more points than last year. 19+ now as opposed to 16+ PPG then.

Lee is playing much better.

Q who was playing D well last year is also playing much better on offence this season. No more shooting slump.

Crawford's shooting is inconsistent except when the game is on the line.

The Knicks fight harder to come back this year. However, shots taken too soon and a lack of timeouts cost them two games at the buzzers by one point each.

But as is evident by the Knick's difficulty holding their lead after Marbury left tonight's game -- if Marbury has a serious injury the Knicks could go down the tubes again.

So how serious do you think his injury is?
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