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Default Basketball tips

Let us share tips we have learned throughout our playing days for the younger, greener ISHiots.

1. Develop a go-to-shot.

whether it be a lay up, set shot, jumpshot, hook shot what have you.

2. Know your role.

you gotta be honest with yourself about your abilities.

3. When running a fast break or even a half court offense, spacing is key.

I can't STAND running a break (I'm a PG) and seeing two dudes running close to me...>START WIDE on a break and run the lanes it makes a big difference.

4. Let "And1" type players dribble.

I love And1 type guys.....the hardest part about guarding them is not falling asleep out of boredom while they do 8 pointless moves.

Watch the belly button, stay on your feet, and let them shoot jumpshots before giving up layups.

5. Don't be afraid.

People can smell fear and confidence is one of your biggest assets on the court. Stay confident not cocky.

6. Find a good group of guys to play with on a regular basis.

no fun playing with guys that want to fight, talk, or use the court as a fashion show runway.


Triple threat
Proper j form
dribbling with your head up
Bounce passing!
setting picks
boxing out

the small things add up
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