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Learning to shoot layups
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Learn to use your off hand!! If you can't go left and right your severely limiting your options on offense.

I also recently decided to stop shooting 3 pointers off the dribble. I now only shoot them as a catch and shoot option and my percentages are infinitely better and i'm a more effective offensive player now.

Watch the core/hips of the player you are guarding and not the ball. The offensive player can fake with the ball and get you off balance if your watching the ball. Instead follow the players body, they can't go anywhere without their hips and core giving away what they are about to do. Also keep your hands up and get your chest in front of them when they try to drive, with your hands up the referee can see your not initiating any of the contact.

Move off the ball on offense! You can get so many open looks and easy layups if you know how to move off the ball properly!
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