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Originally Posted by bigdaddybluesman
The problem with having too much money is you have a habit of throwing too much of it out there trying to fix the mistakes you made. That only makes it worse.

The Yankees have done that until Cashman finally has full control now.

It's called fiscal responsibility.

I think Zeke was told by Dolan enough........

He's on a short leash which is making him work with what he has.

He still has to prove he made good trades and signings and is still playing contracts and not players.

James is paying over Cato because James makes more money. Same for Jefferies over Lee.

Zeke comes up with some lame excuse for his rotations.

I think he should just let Herb run things now that there is some sanity and fire himself as the coach. Return to being the GM and let's see how Herb does. I'm sure any competent coach can do as good as Zeke has done as a coach.

Herb Williams is not the answer. Zeke built this team. I agree with Dolan. You built it you coach it. Zeke has his job secure. He has Marbs playing great. The Knicks play hard. Most of the time. He can't show the boss that he is wasting money. He HAS to play theses guys. Even though I don't want to see them either. I wouldn't mind seeing Lee start but starting is OVERRATED. Besides Lee is kind of slow on defense. he has great anticipation for the ball. That's why he gets the rebounds. The times he has started he has been in foul trouble cause true SF's blow by him. The guy plays 30 minutes OFF THE BENCH. AND HE IS ALWAYS IN THE GAME DURING THE FOURTH QUARTER. Now Jeffries is taking mad minutes away from Balkman for sure.
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