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kemp has been a 6 time all star, and 5 of those times he was a starter, ON THE WESTERN CONFERENCE! =), amares jump shot is not underrated, cause he doesnt really have one, hes just too different from kemp, hes not a threat from outside, and amare did not average 23 with barbosa at PG, in his 2nd year he averaged 20pts and over 3 turnovers for those hating on kemps handling abilities. amare never gets the ball out of the paint, just low post game, dunks, maybe a shot, but he misses it and gets the offensive rebound, kemp was just so much more explosive, watch a highlight movie of kemp and then watch a highlight movie of amare, and tell me whos sicker, and be truthfull, watch a real video, here ill even give u two links to two of kemps highlight videos....

the lister blister!!!! i know most of yall cant even remember it, so when u see it, hes the guy kemp dunked on who played for golden state, and then kemp pointed at him, kemp was ridicoloussss, and how bout when he dunked on chris gatling, gatling shook kemps hand after the dunk, he gave kemp props!!!
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