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Default Re: What kind of phone do you have?

Originally Posted by Hawker
Samsung Restore

It's a good phone but it's not reliable. I just had to get a new one since the last one I had broke last Tuesday (I had it for two months). I turned it off before a job interview, turned it back on and the screen would only light up after that. No home screen or anything. Sprint thought it was the battery, wasn't, got a new phone out of it.

Past three phones I've had have either been free or less than 20 bucks. They have been the most reliable phones for me. I spend a little bit more money on a nice looking phone and breaks within two months. And I lost all my contacts since freshman year of HS.

Go figure. Since when did phones start storing numbers on the phone instead of a sim card. Such bullshit.
You have to change the option so it stores on the sim instead of just the phone. Or you can save it to where it gets backed up on yout srping account on the web.
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