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Default Marbury can take some time off.

OK. Am I the only one that wants Marbury to be out for some time...
I want to see Nate and Mardy play to truly know how good they are running an offense...And remember when the knicks play well and make the playoffs , Marbury wont be on the team we need a general thats younger and we must check out who we have...

Crawford might be the right guy for the job you never know...He was a pg in college and beat out jay williams(when a lottery pick) at that spot in chicago.. I think he feels more uncomfortable when he's at the 2...His turnovers are not bringin up the ball..its off curls and going one on one with the defenders...If u tell Crawford to pass he will pass and at a high rate.

Marbury is playin his best would be best now to actually trade him for a younger and better fit pg.He has gained value durin this time...Marbury is talented but lets face it...hes seen his better days he wont be playin if/when the knicks make it to the ship.

Zeke says that we are rebuilding...we should actually do so by developing our younger talent and getting rid of our older ones.
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