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Default Re: What kind of phone do you have?

Originally Posted by chrisxuk
Looking at getting a new phone and as my Mother will be paying I can't have the most expensive contract on the market.

Thoughts on getting the HTC Desire now? A contract i've seen is 18 months long, think the Desire will be fine for that amount of time? I suppose I could always sell it during the contract and pick up another phone sim free...
It's a very good phone but if you live in the UK you already have the Desire HD out. To be honest though, buying anything now with Gingerbread (Android 3.0) imminent isn't a good idea. If you want something slightly cheaper than the Desire HD and something now, the Desire is an excellent choice save for one issue. The amount of memory on the device is very limited (123 Mb) so if you want to overflow your phone with apps it will be difficult.
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