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Originally Posted by VCDrivesAPorscheToWork
yeah so far its mostly civil. saying your team sucks, blah blah and then defending yourself, without resorting to personal insults, is okay in my book.

and seriously, Nets/Knicks are not a rivalry.

the fans have a grudge that much I admit, but nothing else.

You know it's only 3 players really involved in this. Marbs ever since he said he was the best PG in the league, Kidd cause for the last 2 years + have shown marbs up, and RJ. I don't think he likes the Knicks at all. If he wasn't a very good player I probably would have talked bad about him by now. I wish we had him so I can't give my normal roasting. Yall know I was referring to the Raptor fans right. Why can't we get along with them?
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