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Originally Posted by TMacsOneGoodEye
That's pretty much how I feel. But I was too young to care about Rage when they were at their peak. I didn't get into them until awhile after they broke up. I thought I'd never get to see them live, but now I will.

It's like not seeing The Clash live. It sucks.

If I had to use one word to describe Audioslave, I would use the word "safe." They don't do anything out of the ordinary, just enough to survive in the rock world. They could be so much better but they just play it safe to get the mass fans.

Hey JSub, did you pick up those Green Day reissues of the Lookout albums? Any good? I was thinking about getting them.

I havent picked em up next but I hear they digitally remastered all the tracks. The originals were quite scratchy. I think the main reason they were reissued was due to break in ties b/c of poor management by Lookout. I'd probably try downloading them before I shed any money. CDs are way overpriced these days anyways.
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