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Default Re: Huge Wiki leaks bombshell coming...

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Check the current front page of the New York Times. It is being anything but ignored. This is going to be an absolutely mammoth story.

Also, the other example that you pointed out was hardly ignored. It was all over the place, especially with the right wing media. They even discussed it in detail on shows like Real Time with Bill Maher.

damn NY Times is on top of this. **** CNN, they're hyping Modern Family on Larry King i might have to switch my daily news site.

this is f'in ridiculous:

i swear we need to **** Iran up in some way and i can't believe we're playing this behind the curtains support game with Iran when we should be threatening the shit out of their government if not pinpoint bombings each time we catch them doing anything in Iraq.

theres just so much info they released its crazy.
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