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Default NFL fines 12 more players in crackdown

This is insane. NFL just going all-out on the fines this month. Most of them are fines for too much roughness. I am starting to become annoyed now as to how far they are going to protect the players (and let me say - they are trying hard to protect mostly the players on the offensive side of the field). Terrible guys up at the NFL administration..

Then they want to extend the season 2 more games; I remember once somebody asked Roger Goodell that won't the 2-game extension create more injuries? Roger Goodell responded with something like "It is already a violent game as it is, 2 games will not change that or make it worse than it is. We want better product for the fans." They argue that the game is already violent so a 2 game extension won't make it worse. Now they are essentially saying that this game is TOO violent. I love the hypocrisy in all this... I seriously hope there is a lockout.

NEW YORK (AP)—The NFL fined 12 more players Friday, mostly for unnecessary roughness in games last weekend, sending another strong message that violent conduct wouldn’t be tolerated.

Minnesota defensive end Ray Edwards(notes) was fined the most, $20,000, for spearing Dallas running back Marion Barber(notes) on Sunday. Edwards was cited as a repeat offender; he was previously fined Aug. 28 for roughing the passer and Sept. 26 for unnecessary roughness.

“I just got fined $20,000 for a spear that really wasn’t a spear,” Edwards said. “If you look at the last play, (Dallas tackle Marc) Colombo speared Jared (Allen) and I don’t believe he got fined. If you’re going to fine people, fine everybody. Don’t just fine defensive guys.”
The league did not fine Colombo.

Earlier this week, huge fines were given for flagrant fouls by Pittsburgh’s James Harrison(notes) ($75,000), Atlanta’s Dunta Robinson(notes) and New England’s Brandon Meriweather(notes) (both $50,000). The league also promised suspensions for players who make illegal hits on defenseless opponents. A video was sent to the 32 teams explaining what hits are considered legal and illegal.

The 15 fines were unusually high for one week, a signal of the NFL’s resolve to police violent play. Generally, either a $5,000 or $10,000 fine is handed out for roughness. In this week’s total all but two were for roughness. On Oct. 1 the league also issued 15 fines, 10 for roughness.


BTW - Let me say this. I posted this thread here because nobody reads the NFL forums. Nobody. I would rather post it in these OTC forums than the football forums.
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