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Default Warner Bros. Dreaming of a Sequel to Christopher Nolanís 'Inception'?

Warner Bros. Dreaming of a Sequel to Christopher Nolanís INCEPTION?

Itís no secret that Christopher Nolanís Inception was a worldwide phenomenon. Hell, itís still being parodied by the likes of South Park. Recent news suggests, however, that Warner Bros. is itching to add to the lucrative box office run of the sci-fi/fantasy/action epic Ė by making a sequel. No, seriously. Australian site Whatís Playing recently broke the news that the studio has expressed interest in a sequel, but that the decision would fall squarely Ė we hope Ė on Nolanís shoulders.

Nolan clearly enjoyed the experience of making the film and has recently stated plans to develop a video game based on the concept of Inception. However, aside from a couple of prequel comics, which further add to the story of master ďextractorĒ Dom Cobb, there really isnít a logical way to further explore the world of Inception on the big screen without marring the original. All of this sounds quite absurd, but it does beg the question of just how far a Hollywood studio will go to make money. Hit the jump for more mind bending talk.

Inception is easily one of the best films of the year Ė a stupendous, jaw-dropping, cerebral experience that more or less kicked the ass of every mainstream Hollywood film released last summer. Nolan has emerged as a true iconic filmmaker, one who surely deserves some Oscar-merit come awards season. The film proved Leonardo DiCaprio could work with someone other than Martin Scorsese, and that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a true Hollywood star in the making. The film also boasted one of composer Hans Zimmerís finest works.

The question though, is does Inception need a sequel? I will not reveal spoilers, so readers need not worry, but I will say the film ended rather ambiguously, and has since prompted heated discussion across the internet in regards to its deeper meanings. To add another piece to the puzzle would kinda be like Ridley Scott directing another Blade Runner with the lead character Deckard as a robot from the get-go Ė despite what Scott may or may not have intended, by forcing his views upon us, it ruins the thought-provoking, rhetorical questions fashioned throughout the original, and blatantly robs fans of nearly 30 years worth of inspiring interpretation. The same would happen with Nolanís film.

Itís nice to see that Nolan, who is busy on pre-production work for Batman 3, has not participated in any of these ďdiscussionsĒ (if they do exist). In any case, if he wants to maintain his integrity as a filmmaker, the man needs to distance himself from this as much as possible. We donít need another pair of sequels akin to The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions.

Tellingly, Iím intrigued by the idea of an Inception video game. To expand upon the world via a gaming console is a nifty idea, because it doesnít screw with the film.

Sometimes one is enough.


What do you think? Should Nolan go for it? Do you want more Inception?
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