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Default Re: Have You Ever Met A Girl Online?

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
I wouldn't meet anyone from Plenty Of Fish. I mean if you're really serious about finding someone, eHarmony or is the way to go. There are several online coupons for eHarmony that can get you subscribed for pretty cheap.

I'm not serious at all about meeting anyone, I just figured I'd check it out and see if my buddy was full of shit or not.

This girl is actually the first girl I've even actually talked to on there. When I'm bored I'll just look around on it for cute girls or see if there's anybody I know or whatever. I never really tried to holler at em.

And come to think of it MLH, I seem to recall you mentioning that before. Outta curiosity, were you (and/or her) both on there like actually kinda looking for a relationship, or were you just trying to meet people in a new area and it came about from that?
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