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Default Re: Warner Bros. Dreaming of a Sequel to Christopher Nolanís 'Inception'?

Originally Posted by Riddler

Maybe they could somehow end the prequel by showing COBB enter a dreamworld that is eventually the entire sequel (part 1)... thus suggesting that the top was still spinning at the end of part 1... and then maybe that could lead to a part 3.


Part 1 = Dream World (Middle)
Part 2 = Real World (Beginning)...(ends with COBB falling into dream world)
Part 3 = Real World or Dream World (End)... (starts with COBB going back from outside with his children to the Kitchen Table and realizes that his Top his still spinning)

If Nolan does it the right way he would have successfully completed two of the greatest Trilogies ever.... but deep down this Inception needs to be left alone... no prequel or sequel will be made I'm guessing... and that's a good thing.

Replace Cobb with GOBB and you're sweeping the Oscars

Anyway, Warner Bros. is f*cking retarded to even conceive this. I'm not entirely positive, but Nolan appears to be under contract with WB via Legendary Pictures (Batman Begins, Prestige, and TDK were all released as WB/Legendary productions I believe). This very article says that Nolan is in pre-production for Batman 3 will make hundreds of millions again for them. I know it's Hollywood, but stop being so gd selfish and let the artist make his art, Nolan's fan base is so enormous that I don't ever see one of his WB produced films ever being a financial disappointment. Part of Inception's appeal was its originality and freshness, don't ruin that with a forced remake. Let Nolan create another project as inventive as Inception.

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