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I'm definitely looking forward to it," Curry said. "If he plays, it's going to be great. It will be a great measuring stick to see where I am now."

He's right. I want to see if he can man handle Shaq. :

As for the comparisons to O'Neal, Curry said: "It gets old but it's always a compliment to be compared to someone great. You don't get mad about it. You take it in stride and try to reach that goal, that level of play, but there's not going to be another Shaq."

He's scared of Shaq. He'd never say anything remotely offensive. He's smart.

If O'Neal suits up tonight, Curry will have his hands full on defense.

That's dumn. Curry always has his hands full on defense. Lay off that cherry cake with the cream filling! :

"I think it's hard to be equipped to play Shaq," Curry said. "Honestly. I'm definitely playing a lot better now on offense but on defense, I still got to guard him. We'll see what happens."

Eddy Curry needs to stop with the "but on defense," because this is what's costing us! Zeke is out there yelling "BOX OUT!" and Curry is like "but on defense?..."
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